Windchill Factor is:

                                    Tim Robson, Leigh Stanley ,Bill Dubrul

                                  Rodger Wesch, Pat Conaton

                                                 Jerry Rauch  (Sound Technician)



         “Wind Chill Factor” has ROCKED the Detroit Metro area since 1978.  Differentiating themselves by performing,  

      not  only the best danceable music of the past 4 decades  but also demonstrating to audiences intricate vocal arrangements and harmonies.

  And still rock your soxs off


     Windchill Factor's  

Upcoming Dates:

                                   February 25th     Norms Field of Dreams ,Troy

         March 4th           O'Mara's , Berkley  

                     March 18th       Duffy's  Pub , Auburn Hills 

                            April 8th            Duffy's Pub , Auburn Hills         



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                   Check back for new Dates coming shortly







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